“iCare ” – WIFI + GSM Intruder Alarm System


“iCare” is a smart security system which combines an all in one intruder alarm system including security camera, panic  alarm, SOS service and home automation. It transmits alarm information through WiFi and GSM/3G Telephone line/TCP/IP dual-network in a fast, safe and simple way.

iCare gives you complete control over your premises. Its benefits starting from distance monitoring, having 360 degree live footage using an internal PTZ camera, voice and sound from both ways allowing flawless conversation, excellent SOS service just at one click, automatic humidity and temperature update of your home and a lot more

This wonderful technology contributes to a happier, safer and smarter life while taking us to the future.


  • It’s able to work together with iOS, android apps on your smart phone

  • It’s able to add maximum 100 users

  • Comes with 3 SMS text message numbers and 3 call numbers

  • Comes with 99 wireless zones, 8 fire alarm zones, 8 emergency zones, 8 medical calls, 4 water leakage zones, and 2 wired zone

  • Adding extra sensors by scanning QR code, it’s more easy and convenient.

  • Comes with different international languages

  • Two-way communication

  • With video monitor

  • Built-in timely arm, disarm and setup home mode function. (maximum 3 different time.)

  • With self-detecting temperature, humidity and be able to setup over-temperature alert.

  • Wi-Fi failure or GSM network failure alert

  • Door/window open alert

  • Monitor the status for the sensors

  • Remind of the sensors with low battery

  • Delay alarm, delay arm and delay disarm (0 to 99s for optional)

  • The ringing time of the siren is able to DIY setup.(0 to254s or keep warning)

  • With wireless emission function, control 99 wireless sirens

  • Remote control via text message and phone keypad

  • With Home mode setting

  • 10s DIY voice record

  • External power fail or recovery remind function

  • Siren remind when arming, disarming by remote control

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