Vehicle Access Management System

Operating a managed, busy parking lot can pose significant challenges; especially where there is limited parking slots are available. Apartments/Residential complexes are normally providing parking facility only to owner’s vehicle and the visitor’s vehicle should be parked outside.

The common pain area in Apartment parking area is to identify the owner’s vehicle.

Security person at the gate need to manually identify the owner and the vehicle. If identified, the gate will be manually opened for parking the vehicle inside the apartment. This manual identification is a time consuming process and can cause mis-identification many times. Security person has to remember the vehicle registrations number.

Salient Feature :

  • Quicker Vehicle Identification and access of parking facilities to only authorized vehicles

  • Enhanced Security system by allowing only authorized vehicles to enter the premises

  • Zero manual intervention and dependency on human beings

  • Selective access: The gate can be configured to operate either as exit or entrance as required and it will not allow the vehicle to enter from unwanted side.

  • Software can generate various reports like details of last vehicles entered, frequency of crossing, monthly or yearly reports based on vehicle, etc

  • Vehicle can be identified from a distance of 5-10m even when moving at a speed of 20 kmph

  • Password protected verification allows only registered vehicles to enter ensuring greater security

  • Boom barrier is automatically triggered on verification at gates thus saving time and errors as well as avoiding manual dependence

  • Records event with date and time stamp

  • Tamper proof features to avoid duplication or malpractices

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